Package 1, Hour base shooting place rounding minumum 5hrs(sightseeing- vinnaithandi varuvaya, dilse,autograph, kushelan shooting spots) Choose any time between 8.30am to 6.30pm.

Package 2, Overnight 22hrs houseboat package + shooting location rounding (sightseeing - vinnaithandi varuvaya,dil se,autograph,kuselan shooting spots) including lunch, evening tea and snacks, dinner, breakfast (veg and non veg)trip time-11.00am to 9.00am and air-condition night sleeping time. According to tourist choice 1 to 10 bed room houseboats are available

Package 3, Night stay -15hrs houseboat package + shooting location rounding (sightseeing - vinnaithandi varuvaya, dil se, autograph, kuselan shooting spots) including evening tea and snacks, dinner, breakfast (veg and non veg)trip time-5.30pm to 8.30am and air condition night sleeping time. According to tourist choice 1 to 10 bed room houseboats are available

Major Film shooting locations-ALLEPPEYBOATHOUSE Package (Vinnaithandi Varuvaya Shooting Spot), Dil se(Hindi movie), Autograph (Tamil movie), Kuselan (Tamil movie)

Alleppey filim shooting

Alleppey is the most famous backwater destination in Kerala, Alleppey backwaters are famous among world tourist. Apart from tourist backwaters play an unique role for Indian film shooting. Gradualy now a days Kerala a popular location for film shooting. The kerala is mainly famous for its beautiful backwaters, because of which, it is also known as the ‘Venice of the East’. The place is collected with an attractive network of narrow canals, which passes through the middle of the village islands. Alleppey backwater of Alleppey is made even more famous by the traditional houseboats cruising along the waters. alleppey houseboats are leisurely designed to provide secure accommodation and the tourist can have a memorable backwater experience through sightseeing the village landscapes of Alleppey. The popular hindi film song ‘Jiya jale jaan jale’ from the hindi movie ‘Dil Se’ have been shot in the beautiful backwaters of Alleppey. The song features Hindi actors, Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta and it has fair depicted the beauty of backwaters by expressing the love between the actors on a alleppey houseboat sequence.

Champakulam Church

Alleppey houseboats are famous among Tamil, north indians, karnataka people as boathouse Alleppey. Boathouse Alleppey became most important attraction for tourist visiting kerala obviously.All these lakes are navigable and boathouse kerala journey through Keralaback waters are amazing and interesting. According to the choice of the tamil people, boathouse alleppey, boathouse kumarakom, boathouse kollam have experienced chef for preparing typical fish and chicken dishes. Lot of Tamil film shooting places are in these Alleppey backwaters.Hit movie vinnaithandi varuvaya shooting spot is in Alleppey backwater. Through Alleppey boat house you can go for a sightseeing through vembanad and pulinkunnu Estuary islands.

Boat house Alleppey are very famous among tourist because lot of tamil, malayalam, hindi, english and other language film also shooted here. Alleppey boathouse is famous through film makers. Different category of boathouse are in Kerala backwaters. According to the out look-luxury boathouse, premium boathouse, deluxe boathouse. According to the bed room 1 bed room boathouse, 2bed room boathouse, 3 bed room boathouse,4bed room boathouse,5bed room boathouse, 6bed room boathouse,7bed room boathouse are their. Kerala boathouse day Package including film shooting point sightseeing-morning 11.00am to evening 5.00pm with lunch (fish and chicken) and tea and snacks (banana fry). Overnight boathouse stay morning11.00am to next day 9.00am with lunch (fish), evening tea and snacks, dinner (chicken), breakfast (egg). Alleppey boathouse Play an important role in Kerala boathouse tourism

Alleppey Filim Shooting